Best IPTV 2019

Best IPTV Setup Guide on KODI for Apple TV 4K 2019

Streaming any of the available IPTV Services you have your subscription enabled to using KODI installed by Services is easy and reliable.

To start the process, you need to download and install the latest version of KODI. In case you do not have an active KODI subscription, you can purchase it with email to us from contact us page and also you can click the below banner to subscribe to one of the best service providers if you do not have any IPTV subscription at the moment.

Best IPTV 2019

IPTV Setup Guide on KODI for Apple TV 4K

There is a need for you to select your preferred PVR client for this purpose. All you need to do is select Navigation to TV and then click the Add-on browser tab. See the screenshots below for reference:

  • Launch Kodi

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  • Highlight TV
  • Click on Enter add-on browser
  • Select PVR IPTV Simple Client
  • Click on Configure
  • Proceed to Select General
  • Location to Remote Path (Internet Address)
  • Then choose M3U PlayList URL
  • Proceed to further select the m3u Playlist URL. You will be prompted to add your m3u link. Now, paste in the special m3u link that was provided on registration with us and please note and make sure that the selected type is set to “m3u_plus” and also make sure the output is set at ts. Once done with this, click OK so your changes would be made.
  • If you have an existing locally stored M3U text file on your network/computer/box and you want to use it, you can utilize it by providing the location to the Local Path (include Local Network)
  • Proceed to Select M3U PlayList URL
  • Locate your file where it is stored in the Local Path then select it and click OK.
  • Click Enable
  • After this, channels loading process will start immediately
  • Return back to your Home Screen now and click on Select TV, you should have like below on your screen:

If the process is followed carefully and done the right way, you will have access to all the channels listed in the screenshot above. When the process is done with loading of files, you need to restart your KODI and fully enjoy your channels.

Setting EPG

To set this up you need to navigate to the “EPG Settings” and proceed to click on the XMLTV URL Bar option to set up our XMLTV Url.

    • First Step: Launch KODI.
    • Second Step: Navigate to PVR IPTV Simple Client option and click on “Configure”.
    • Third Step: Click “EPG Settings”.
    • Fourth Step: On the option “Location” kindly select “Remote Path (Internet address)” then enter the “EPG URL” at “XMLTV URL”.

The EPG is of this format:

All you need to do is replace the XXXX with your m3u username and XXXXX with your m3u password which is located in your m3u file and takes the format:

    • Fifth Step: Click on “OK” and then reboot your KODI device.

On Restart, you have TV guide included in your TV channels. 

Note: We do not host or provide any channels or streaming services. It’s an informational guide for users looking to get information on setting up any IPTV setups on KODI for streaming.

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