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KODI on iPhone and iPad

App Signing for iOS and TVos


Apple App Signing

One stop shop for TvOS and iOS Apps Signing Service, Android TV Box from Appipa Online!  a  user-friendly way to install the best Apps outside of app store for Movies, TV Shows, Live TV on an iPhone iPad or Apple TV.

No Jailbreak !! No 7 Days Revoke!!

Get Android Tv Box and apps as KODI, POPCORN TIME TV and other best apps signed for Apple iPad, iPhone, Apple TV 4 or Apple TV 4K. Its as simple as 123, You place an order and provide us with your device UDID.  We will sign apps for your device and you can install in seconds. All Signed Apps will work for Full 1 Year without Revoke*. No Third Party Ads on Apps. 

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Apple iPhone and iPad Apps Signing

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TvOS and iOS Apps

iPhone and iPad Apps

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Apple TV 4/4K Apps Signing

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Kodi for Apple TV 4

Kodi for Apple TV 4 / 4K

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Install Best apps on devices


Appipa Online Provide Developer Signing Service for some of the best apps available from third-party providers to run and work on Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Apple TV 4 and Apple TV 4K. And developer signing service is using the Apple Developer program. So its safe way of getting these best apps installed.

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Appipa Online

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