How to get UDID for Apple TV 4K and Install Apps

With the use of Xcode, you can easily get your UDID for Apple TV 4k and install Appipa signed apps.


To get started, here are the minimum requirements before you can get your UDID for Apple TV 4K and installing apps on it:

  • A Computer/Laptop (running Mac or Mac OSX).
  • The latest version of Xcode latest installed from the App Store.
  • Apple TV 4K with the latest TvOS update

1. However, as you take note of the requirements listed above, please verify them all most especially having the Latest Mac OS, Xcode, TvOS installed and working.

2. Now, directly from your Apple TV, navigate to Settings > Remotes and Devices > Remote App and Devices. Most importantly, do not leave this screen on your Apple TV so that it can synchronize with the Xcode running on your MAC.

3. Now from your MAC OS powered computer, launch the Xcode app and then from the Menu bar on top of your screen, proceed to select Window > Devices and Simulators.

4. If you have your MAC and Apple TV close together or in a moderate nearby range, you should receive a prompt from Xcode’s Devices and Simulators window. But also, it will automatically show your Apple TV 4K or Apple TV 4 if it is an already connected device to Xcode. Now, from the left-hand side window of Xcode, if your step 2 is done successfully, your Apple TV has already been synchronized and you are set to start sideloading of apps.

 Otherwise, for first-time connections, kindly Click on “Pair with [Your Apple TV]” button.

Find your iDentifier


Now your Apple TV 4k should be listed in the connected device list. Furthermore, there is a need for your identifier. You can easily get by double-clicking on the identifier and now copy your unique iDentifier.

Now, you need to forward the iDentifier to the Appipa team via the form below to sign apps for it. Shortly after, you will receive a confirmation by mail when your apps are ready to Download (Please keep your eye on our Emails in your SPAM/JUNK folder as well. If any, please click NOT SPAM)

Once you have your confirmation mail (apps signed) from Appipa IPA Signing, you can now start downloading apps from the Download Page provided in the email from us. To install the apps, click the + icon on Xcode. Best Apps signed by Appipa Online as KODI 17.6, Browser, Mame, PopcorntimeTV, Provenance.

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