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How to setup IPTV on Apple devices 2019 – Full Guide

How to setup IPTV on Apple devices 2019 – Full Guide


Today we are going to explain how to setup IPTV on Apple Devices. It’s so easy to setup Appipa IPTV Services on your Apple Devices i.e ( iPhone,iPad, Apple TV 4 or other Apple TV’s ). Please continue with our guide to setup Appipa IPTV on your Apple device.

What you will get on IPTV?


Appipa IPTV IPTV Smarters Player


As many users would ask the question as what all channels can they stream and if any list of channels available. I am afraid there are no notes we can provide but to provide you with a trail for 24 hours to see everything yourself. Isn’t it better than a list? You can check detailed information on Appipa IPTV for price and what all content you can get with it ( CLICK HERE )

We hope you will say YES for it. So please follow methods below to setup IPTV on your Apple Device.

How to setup Appipa IPTV?


  • Method 1 –
  1. You will need to contact Appipa Online support via email or live chat to get a Trail or Fully Premium account created for yourself.
  2. Open App store and search for app IPTV Smarters Player ( You may use a different one if you want ) now download it and install.
  3. You will be provided with username and password from Appipa Online with a URL to enter and use on any IPTV sourcing app from App store or use the one we recommended in step 2.
  4. Once you login to the app it will fetch all the channels and you can enable EPG on it as to see the program lists.
  5. You can play any Live TV channels or Movies or Shows on it now.
  • Method – 2
  1. You can also stream Appipa IPTV Services via KODI on your Apple TV 4/4K or iPhone/iPad.
  2. In case you do not have KODI on Apple device mentioned in step 1. You may purchase Appipa Online Service for App Signing and install KODI in minutes. ( CLICK HERE )
  3. Once you get KODI installed. You will need to contact Appipa Online to get an M3u File Shared with you as to use on KODI.
  4. Now follow this guide for step by step instructions to add Appipa IPTV on KODI ( CLICK HERE )

Please feel free to contact us via our Twitter/Facebook/Email/Live chat if any questions you have or want support for service purchased from Appipa online.

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