How to Setup KODI

How to Setup KODI on Apple TV 4 in 2019

How to Setup KODI on Apple TV 4 in 2019

Does this question ever click in your head? We are going to provide a detailed guide for you to understand what is KODI and how you can setup KODI on your Apple TV 4 or Apple TV 4K in quick minutes. You can sign up for Appipa Online KODI App Signing Service to get KODI on your Apple TV 4. Also, we have explained everything on how to setup KODI on Apple TV as and how it works.

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What is KODI and How it works?

A free, open source piece of media centre software that can run on anything from your Android phone to your home PC, and plenty of other devices in between. It began life as XBMP – Xbox Media Player – in 2002, before evolving into the better known XBMC, or Xbox Media Centre, released in 2004. Now its called KODI since version 14. KODI current version is KODI 17.6 which is public release last stable version. It allows you to stream your content on local drives or Nas Drive. But the thing is it has been mostly been used to stream copyright protected content using third-party add-ons by the majority of users which allows users to stream from N number of Movies, TV Shows and Live TV Channels directly through KODI for FREE and some of the best-paid IPTV Services can be used through it.


UDID for Apple TV 4K
Get UDID and Install Apps on Apple TV 4K

How to get KODI on your Apple TV 4 or Apple TV 4K?

Appipa Online Service provides you with a paid Apple Developer app signing service and same allows you to run all the signed Application for 1 Year without getting revoke. Also with Appipa Online Apple TV 4 App signing service you will get access to Latest KODI, Browser, PopcornTime TV App, Provenance ( Retro Gaming Emulator ) with a small cost of service charge.

Buy Appipa Online App Signing Service HERE.

Follow detailed install Guide from the link below –

Apple TV 4

Apple TV 4K

Setup on Apple TV 4

How to Setup KODI With Unofficial Builds?

So now once you have KODI installed on your Apple TV 4 or Apple TV 4K. And the question is how to do setup it up to get all the content we need for FREE. You may simply use it as Media Player for using your own content stored on storage devices or Official KODI Add-ons.

We know you just want to stream anything possible you can. Don’t You?

So there are a lot of the third party add-ons to choose from. You can just either Youtube search for Best KODI Build 2019 to get all in one setup with best add-ons and updates for builds and a lot of content available Free will come up. You may like to follow some of best KODI wizard/build provider on Twitter as @1ne_nation @Ezzer_man and many others down to your search on Twitter. A build is created with multiple add-ons best chosen by build developers and doing the job for you for Free as just they do not charge anything and its just helping hand to end users. You won’t need to install add-ons one by as one build includes a lot of add-ons installed.

Refer to some of best KODI third party Builds Screens below as how you will have it looking.

We do not provide add-ons or builds for Kodi and do not support if anything doesn’t work on add-ons. You may need to contact the actual developer of builds. This is just an information guide and not affiliate to any add-ons or build developers. And AppiPa Online only offer the Apps signing services.  All apps signed are from the third party and have no affiliation to Signing. It is highly recommended to use VPN to stay secure when streaming with unofficial Add-ons.

Stay Secure KODI Streaming
Stay Secure KODI Streaming

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