How to Setup KODI on Apple TV 4 in 2019


There are endless movies possibilities by installing Kodi on your Apple TV. Stream with ease all your TV Shows, Music, Live TV, & Movies you love. For a headstart with Kodi, you need third-party Kodi add-ons and builds installed which will simplify further in this article.

What is KODI and How it works?

KODI is an open-source and free media center software which is available on all major platforms. Ranging from your Android phone to your home PC, and plenty of other devices in between. Therefore this make is cross-platform software.

In its early stage, it started as XBMP – Xbox Media Player – in the year 2002, which takes enough time before evolving into the better known XBMC, or Xbox Media Centre, released in 2004. From version 14, it is been called KODI and the software currently is at its version 17.6 (KODI 17.6) which is the public release last stable version.

The most important function of this software is to let you stream your content on local drives or Nas Drive. Meanwhile one of the major reasons for its huge success is Streaming copyright protected content by the use of third-party add-ons by most of the users and allows them to flow from N number of Movies, TV Shows and Live TV Channels directly through KODI for FREE and also, some of the best-paid IPTV Services can be installed on it.

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How to Install Kodi on Apple TV 4

Since Kodi isn’t available on the Apple App Store for direct download, the process of installing it on Apple TV is not straight forward but with the aid of this guide and you following it closely, you find it easy to set up. As known that Kodi is very much legal not until you install and start using third-party add-ons. Some of these add-ons contain pirated content which is often copyright infringement which is not legal anywhere in the globe.

One of the key requirements to install Kodi on Apple Tv is the USB C Port. Also, all the Apple TV or later has the USB C Port but this is exceptional in the case of the new Apple 4k TV which a MAC system is required before you can install KODI.

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Follow more detailed install Guide follow the link below –

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UDID for Apple TV 4K

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Setup on Apple TV 4

How to Setup KODI With Unofficial Builds?

Therefore, the moment you have KODI fully installed and working on your Apple TV 4 or Apple TV 4K. One of the questions that keep popping up is “how do I set it all up to get access to all the content I need for FREE.” Keep it in mind that you may decide to use it as a Media Player for using your content stored on storage devices or Official KODI Add-ons.

Enjoy Kodi

But we know all you just want to do is stream as much as you want, right?

To get started, there are more than enough third-party add-ons for KODI you can select from. However, you can search on YouTube the Best KODI Build 2019 and get everything in one package including one setup with best add-ons and updates for builds and a lot of content available Free will come up.

Also, following some of the best KODI wizard/build providers on social media will help. For instance, on Twitter, you can follow @1ne_nation and @Ezzer_man and many more which the search button would help explore. 

Each build is created with many add-ons best selected by build developers and thereby offering you the service for Free as just they do not charge any hidden fee or similar and it’s just helping hand to end users. Therefore you won’t need to install add-ons one by as one build includes a lot of add-ons invested.

Refer to some of best KODI third party Builds Screens below as how you will have it looking.

We do not provide add-ons or builds for Kodi and do not support if anything doesn’t work on add-ons. Therefore you may need to contact the actual developer of builds. Just an information guide and not affiliated with any add-ons or build developers because Appipa Online only offer Apps signing services.  Besides that, all apps signed are from the third party and have no affiliation to appipa. Online Signing. Most importantly the use of VPN because of security when streaming with unofficial Add-ons is very professional and advisable

Stay Secure KODI Streaming

Stay Secure KODI Streaming


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