KODI 18 for Apple TV 4K


So as we all are aware KODI developers has recently released KODI 18 for all platforms. However as the Apple TV 4 and 4K cannot get it just now as they have not pushed the update for their test build which you can get to install on Apple TV 4 or 4K. So KODI 18 for Apple TV 4K is not any soon for now.

As of now KODI 17.6 is the only latest release ( 27/02/2018 ) available for Apple TV 4 or 4K. You can check our Full guide below as to get KODI 17.6 with Full 1 Year App Signing from Appipa online.


KODI For Apple TV 4

KODI For Apple TV 4K 



How to get KODI 18 for Apple TV 

Well, As we have mentioned above it has not been pushed just yet, But you can always approach to KODI forums HERE and put up a request. As for now you can enjoy KODI 17.6 with all latest add ons and KODI builds for streaming. 

Please checkout our detailed guide on KODI setup on Apple TV 4 or 4K 2019 HERE


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