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What is Popcorn Time? Popcorn Time is a Netflix of torrents as it allows the user to watch all of the latest, popular films on his PC or Mac. For this reason, it is considered very threatening to Hollywood. The best part is that is completely free. But with the introduction of Popcorn Time on Apple TV, it has become threatening for the industry as well. It was introduced in 2014 but its functionality and number of users started to increase rapidly in 2016. 

IPVanish Start Now

IPVanish Start Now

Multi-platform streaming service


Popcorn Time is a multi-platform streaming service that checks torrent websites and then immediately transmits them to your screen. It is quick and simple but it is despised by Hollywood to such an extent that they even tried to crash the initial project last year. But Popcorn Time not only came back rapidly but also prospered due to huge assistance by the society and supporters since its initial launch.

Popcorn Time started supporting Apple TV with direct installation on a later version of Apple TVs as Apple TV 4 and Apple TV 4K.

Also, many streaming facilities tend to be closed down after a little while but Popcorn Time has promised that it is never going to be shut down and so, it is a delight for the users.

No streaming memberships


Nowadays, there are a lot of streaming services like Amazon, Youtube etc. As seen clearly, the competition has increased a lot and as time passes, more and more companies want to join the contest. The user has to make a choice and Popcorn Time is obviously a better option since it enables the customers to avoid lots of streaming memberships and helps them discover their loved TV shows and films, in a single place.

The installation of Popcorn Time on Apple TV requires no particular part of hardware or software, which makes it a very suitable option.

Using Popcorn Time on Apple TV

It is not possible to download Popcorn Time through the official iTunes app store but the users can install it through loopholes.

A few things are needed which as steps on guide from the link below:

  1. Apple TV 4 App Signing and UDID Guide


  1. Apple TV 4K App Signing and UDID Guide


After gathering all the things that you need, follow the steps mentioned in the installation tutorial to activate it successfully. 

Features of Popcorn Time on Apple TV

  • It is available in 15 languages.


  • The user can change the theme of the application.


  • The font size of the subtitles can be changed.


  • The user can choose the location of cache and can clear it whenever he wants.


  • “Alert me before downloading if my VPN is turned off” is automatically selected. A VPN is important if the user doesn’t want to share his files, address, private data and internet usage with a random person.


When all of these features of Popcorn Time are taken into account, it can be seen clearly that the introduction of Popcorn Time on Apple TV has been very useful for all of its users.


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